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Mix videos, photos and music in a snap

If you're looking for an easy-to-use video and photo editor, Pinnacle VideoSpin is definitely a good choice.Don't be mistaken: this is no replacement for big shots like Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas. However Pinnacle VideoSpin works perfectly well...
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  • by Anonymous

    Good. I'm a begginer in video editing, so if you are no pro, this is a good way to start. Pros: That is not complicated

  • by Anonymous

    Very very limited video editor. - Limited to 720 x 576 project max - No DVD / DVD iso creation

  • by Anonymous

    Do not waste your time with this software.. They force you to register to use this program and they spam.

  • by Anonymous

    Good enough. "...However I still missed more advanced functionality, such as adding fading to sound or replacing the video's original soundtrack – despite reading the Help section from end to end, I didn't manage to make it work." You can click the original sound line, a dot is created and you can lower the original sound down to zero. Or you can multi click on the orange souMore

  • by Anonymous

    Problem. I wanted to use Videospin, but the problem is when I download film making programs, they tell me I have 30 days to use it until it expires. What should I do?